Religious Symbols And Headscarves Ban In The Workplace

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According to a media report, the European Court of Justice has backed bans on religious symbols and headscarves.  The ruling allows firms to ban workers from wearing any religious symbols.

The European Court has sugar coated their ruling by stating ‘the ban should cover all region equally’Poppycock. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this ban is primarily aimed at the Muslim community. The majority of Christians around the world do not arrive at their place of employment dress in a manner that easily identifies their religious beliefs.  A few may wear a cross around their necks, but wearing a cross doesn’t mean you are a Christian sometimes it is just a fashion statement.

However, the manner in which, especially Muslim women dress portray their religious beliefs and therefore, they are going to be discriminated against by some already racist companies.

This is the 21st Century and what we wear should never be allowed to make us a target for bigotry and religious scepticism.   What the European Court of Justice, there is no justice here, have done is to give firms a blank cheque to discriminate against sections of our communities in a legitimate manner, they have in fact let a genie out of the bottle and this decision will come back to haunt them. 

The supporters of Islam i.e Muslims have been deprived of many things that the majority of most non-Muslims take for granted.  We agree that the actions of some factions in their community made them susceptible to negativity and this is so wrong.  

It is a sad day for democracy, rulings such as these are pushing the world back into the 17th Century and if we continue down this negative path we will eventually annihilate the human race.  We are allowing fear to govern decisions rather than logic and like Sodom and Gomorrah, we will be destroyed it seemed that history has though us nothing.  When you suppress people you give them a strength to fight back for what they believe is right.