Will Brexit Be the Trojan Horse That Break Up The Union?

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With Theresa May poised to trigger article 50 on March 29, the process by which we begin negotiations to leave the European Union, will this event see the break-up of the united Kingdom? 

There is no doubt and all indication suggests that Scotland is against the UK leaving the European Union, so is Wales and Nothern Ireland.  So, what is going to be the outcome, and will the other countries that make up the union get some kind of bribery that will make them keep within the union once the UK leave the EU.

From ever suggestion, indication, expert advice, and common sense, leaving the EU are going to be extremely counterproductive for the UK.  But the so-called powers that be can only see to the end of their nose and no further.  Therefore, they do not have the capabilities to be able to recognise that their idiotic decision will haunt future generations, the majority of those who are making these decisions about people’s life will be dead but the bad legacy they leave behind will cause untold problems for the next generation.

The consequences of leaving the EU will hit the poor the hardest, they will be fewer jobs, unemployment will rocket, the economy will go down the toilet, the cost of living will be very high and once again it will be low-income families that will bear the brunt of this stupid idea

In my opinion, the Conservative party was never about people, they are a capitalist organisation that does not give a flying jump about no one unless they can contribute to the party What they are good at is bribing the electorate near an election.  When the harsh reality of what we have lost by leaving the EU hits home then too late will be our cry. 

The electorate, the ones with the power to determine our way have life is so easily duped. All that certain section of the Conservative party has to do is mention immigration, and hint that Europeans are taking over, and in Europe, we are going to be over-run by  Muslims and suicide bombers and the voters fall for that crap all the times and that is why they can twist and warp sections of our communities to their advantage.

I hope that those people who readily vote to come out of the EU because of their idiotic fears will be around long enough to see what their decision achieved and hopefully they will regret their ridiculous decisions.  It is a pity that so many people who wanted to stay in Europe will have to suffer along with them.