The Great Divide, UK Against European Community

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Ever since 52% of UK electorate voted to leave the European Community, we have seen a rise in attacks against citizens from other EC Europe Immigrationcountries.

The government and its cronies can pretend that the leave votes has no impact on racist behavior in the UK, but that is burying one head in the sands.  A classic example of how racist these people had become happened on BBC Question time, when Polish women, who lived in the UK for 23 years says she feels she was, no longer wanted in the country, the audience booed her, typical attitude of these so-called nationalist.

There is no way in which any decent, level headed person in the UK could honestly say that Brexit has not changed the dynamics of the country and we are not even out of the EC yet.

According to a media report, hate crimes soar by 42% the day after the Brexit results.  The Polish community centre daubed with racist graffiti; there were harassment, common assault, and other hate violence against other EC nationals.

The racist thugs attacking people from other EC countries seems to forget that during World War 11, Poland, France, Belguim, Norway and Greece were allies, with one determination to defeat Adolf Hitler, which they did.  Seventy years on and the Polish and other EC individuals have been, attacked, harass, and verbally abused, because of an idiotic, stupid referendum.  How short memory we are.

No one is suggesting that any country should not control the flow of immigrants, but targeting people because they are not so-called native despite what is, reported in the media, the vast majority of Europeans living in the UK are hardworking people.  They are not sponging off the state.

Brexit did a lot of negatives things in our communities, and I do not see it getting any better.  The lazy British who never wanted to work blame all their so-called problems on other Europeans, taking their jobs, housing, welfare and draining the resources of the NHS – Poppycock.