Russian Cyber Crooks – Do they have your details

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According to a media report, Russian cybercrooks hacked a software system that runs on thousands of cash register worldwide.  hacker

The report further indicates that it is unknown what the hackers accomplished once they gained access, but they may have installed malware on sale machine which would allow them to harvest individual credit card details.  Apparently, the gang that is alleged responsible for this has gained more than $1 Billion from banks, hospitality firms and retailers over some years.

Our lives depend so much on technology that the vast majority of people cannot function efficiently unless their technological gadgets are available, and that is what the 21st century is all about.

Each day we depend on our mobile phones, computer, credit cards, and all the other gadgets that we believe make our life easier. We pay our bills via our network; we use our mobile phones to check our bank account; there is so much information available out there in cyberspace that the criminal elements are having a field day.

Technology is man-made, and it can, never be one hundred percent full proof.  If man creates it then it is evident that they are always going to be flaws in the system because we cannot turn back the clock on technology, best that we can hope for, is that the people who protect us from these hackers are one step ahead of them at all times.