Turkey’s Nightclub Massacre, 39 People Dead

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Irrespective of what time of the year it is, whether it is a New Year or not some individuals have no respect for the sanctity of life, and they Turkey Flag ,continued to cause mayhem and carnage in our society.

As the rest of the world mourned with the people of Turkey for the loss of thirty-nine lives we continue to ask the question, when did we lose our humanity that we found the ability to murder so many innocent people without giving it a second thought.

This world and its citizens and the powers that be, better start working together to prevent these terrorist from continuing their carnage.  Today it is Turkey where next it this going to happen.  We need to understand that no country is safe from these attacks and we are all vulnerable to these random attacks on individuals without any respect for others.

Security services around the world better start uniting, sharing their intel and stop this crap about I am alright jack it is not happening to us, so we will keep what we are doing to target these terror group private.  The time comes when each and every civilised security service must work together and not only in name but putting their resources where their proverbial mouth is. 

Enough, how much longer are we going to allow these sick individuals to kill our citizens, destroy our communities, and cause grief and mourning in our society.  These people needs to stop and honestly we do not give a rat behind how security service stop them; we have enough it is time we remain one step ahead of them instead of the other way around.

But for now our hearts goes out to the family of the people who lost their lives, and we pray for those that were injured to make a speedy recovery.