Superpowers China And India Idiotic Brawl

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Why are superpowers China and India brawling? In my opinion, over stupidity, and even though violence between these two countries are rare, what they are brawling over now is idiotic.

According to a media report, a video was made showing soldiers from both side kicking, punching and throwing stones at each other. The video was, apparently shot when India claimed that Chinese troops entered India’s territory.

The brawling began over the fact that China wants to construct a road in the Doklam, or as it is, called, Donglang area, a remote section which borders both countries. India believes that it is their territory and so does China.

Apparently, the Pangong Lake, a remote region lying at almost 14,000 feet above sea level, has for decades been the focus of a bitter border dispute between India and China.

India believes where China wants to construct the road is a strategic threat, hence the standoff. Neither side is going to back down and although their troops are only kicking, punching and throwing stones at each other, how long before they start to shoot and kill each other.

One would believe that these two so-called superpowers could find something better for their respective troops to do than to be brawling like children over a thin strip of land that borders both countries,