Security guard suspended by McDonald’s over the hijab removal incident

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The media reported that McDonald’s had suspended the security guard involved in asking a Muslim woman to removed her hijab before she was, served.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this incident has got me puzzled. Looking at the facts, we know that there is video evidence which shows the security guard telling the Muslim woman to remove her hijab.

Secondly, if the security guard is a UK resident, nothing in the media report indicates he’s not, then he knows that no law in Britain prevents any Muslim women removing their religious attire.

Thirdly, let us step out of the box and examine this incident with an open mind. Where would this security guard get the idea that he has the right or authority to make that request to the Muslim woman?

In my opinion, there is something that does not make sense, and if that is the case, then there is more to this incident than what is, reported, in the press. Until the public gets the truth, I will hold judgement against the security guard and believe he’s being, made a scapegoat.