UK electorate wants second referendum on Brexit, a new opinion poll revealed


A media report, states that a new opinion poll revealed that 50 percent of voters would require a second referendum on Brexit following information that the UK bill for leaving the EU could cost £50 billion.

From all the information reported in the media, there is no doubt that a significant amount of the British people do not want to leave the European Union. There are also voters that believe that Britain will not get a good trade deal.

Since the referendum, there is nothing positive that has come out of this leave negotiations. The Prime Minister has called an election and loss her overall majority; she is negotiating from a position of weakness.

The PM as an obligation to listen to the electorate, this new opinion poll the strongest yet that the country requires another referendum. It is a way out of the hole Mrs May find herself in. What she should do is halt the Brexit negotiations and hold another referendum. If she continues to push through with these uncertainties, it would be inept and foolish.

In my opinion, politicians have a serious problem with accepting they make a mistake. They fear if they do the public will not understand, in fact, we do. Politicians forget they are human beings, therefore, susceptible to making a mistake.

The country is calling on the government via this opinion poll to do the right thing, stop this Brexit rollercoaster before it is too late.