A 71 year old murdered stepson almost 50 years, jailed

According to a media report, a 71-year old has been, jailed for a minimum of 13 years for the 1968 killing of his 19-month old stepson.

The article states the 71-year old man swung the toddler by the ankle bashing his head against the fireplace and lied for almost 50-years about the circumstances surrounding the child’s death. However, unknown to him the boy’s three-year-old brother came downstairs and witnessed what he had done.

Apparently, what triggered the new investigation, the older brother in 2015 saw a picture on Facebook of his brother sitting on his stepdad knees, angry he reported the matter to the police. It led to the 71-year old being arrested, charged and subsequently convicted.

Karma, they say will get you all the time. There is no limitation on murder, and this step-dad must have thought he got away with the crime for close on 50 years, there was, no way in which he could be, convicted now, he was wrong.

A horrific story and one that should be a warning to anyone who believed that they could commit a capital crime and get-away with it, odds are you will be, caught.