Serial Liar Claims Put Innocent Man In Prison

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Lift Your Voices Let Us Pray For Those The Devil Is Influencing

A 25-year old woman whose strings of lies and false rape allegations landed an innocent man in prison has been, jailed for ten years.

According to a media report, this serial liar with her bogus claims as cost taxpayers over £250,000 and 6,400 hours of police work, investigating her false allegations.

She claimed she was severely sexually assaulted by six men, raped by nine in difference encounters, which happened over a three year period.

This 25-year old was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court, on four counts of perverting the course of justice. The Judge in her trial commented that she was a very convincing liar, and love being a victim.

In my opinion, these kinds of behaviour by a female cast a dangerous shadow over the events of a genuine rape or sexual assault victim complaints. Her lying is now in the public domain; this could cause police officers to doubt some females who report actual cases and victims may not report incidents fearing they may not be, believed.

What she has done tarnished the lives of thousands of sexually assaulted victims, and the fact that an innocent man was, sent to prison on her evidence of lies, cast an even darker shadow over these crimes.

Of course, it is not only her lies that are, caused, for concerns but the fact that all the people she falsely accused, had their lives turned upside down, and even if they are, exonerated the stigma will stay with them.