Neighbour From Hell Jailed For 28 Months

A 52-year-old man has been jailed for 28 months for terrorising his neighbors for 7 years.

According to a media report, the 52-year-old bombarded his neighbours with over 200 hate letters, accused the couple of being paedophiles and poisoned their garden.

The neighbours took proactive actions and installed CCTV which caught their neighbor pouring weed killer over their lawn and on their plants. He was arrested, charged with criminal damage and stalking, which he plead guilty to.

Apart from being jailed, he was given a 20-year restraining order, he will have to pay £1,959 compensation for each year of the harassment.

According to his neighbours, his hate campaign brought alarm and distress over a long period of time, and he deserves to go to prison for the time he was given.