Why would Meghan Markle’s former maid of honour say anything negative about her?

Jealousy is one of human being most significant and dangerous emotion; it can be, used in some negative ways.

But, mostly when someone that we know finds themselves in a good position or relationship and our jealousy makes us want to hurt them.

A recent news article regarding information from Meghan Markle’s former maid of honour makes me very angry. The world has been happy to hear of the engagement of Meghan and Prince Harry, and from what we have seen of her she holds herself respectful, decent and above board.

The question becomes why would her former maid of honour believe it is appropriate to make any negative comments about her. Irrespective, of the fact that they may have a difference of opinion and, are no longer close friends, a decent human being would want her to be happy not wanting to try and bring her down because she could not catch the eye of a Prince and Meghan did.

I read the article, and in my opinion, she is just a bitter ex-maid of honour with nothing better to do but trying to tarnish the reputation of her ex-friend, that in my eyes is disgusting hateful and unnecessary.

Hopefully, Meghan knows that the British people welcome her with open arms and she is going to make Prince Harry a beautiful wife.