Sexual Assault On Pregnant Women – Barbaric

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What kind of a sick society that we live in when an individuals believe it is acceptable to assault pregnant women, in fact, any woman sexually.

A media report states that a predator who perpetrated a campaign of sexual assault on women including two pregnant women was jailed, for five Pregnant womanyears and three months.  The individual target lone female in the Twickenham and Wandsworth areas. Apparently, the 29-year-old grabbed his victims from behind then sexually assault them.

In my opinion, five years in prison is not near enough, individuals that commit heinous crimes, such as sexually on vulnerable people, in fact, anyone, should be locked away for much longer than five years.  The victims of these crimes deserve to know the justice system is on their side. 

The fact that the perpetrator pleads guilty to 12 counts of sexual assault, that alone should send this monster, to prison for twelve years and not five, and I am furious.  There are times when one could believe the justice systems caters more for the perpetrator rather than the victims, and that is very wrong.