Britain’s welfare system, Universal credit complaint

My Opinion

Quite frankly, I do not know which country Theresa May is living in. If she believes the universal credit is not causing hardship, increasing poverty, and homelessness, then there is something fundamentally wrong with her.

I have to agree with Jeremy Corbyn when he said the Prime Minister needs to ‘wake up to reality. There is no doubt that under a conservative government the welfare system is at risk. They will do everything in their power to destroy the safety nets that were established to assist the poor, low-income family, homeless people and single parents.

In my opinion, the Conservative is always out to destroy the NHS and the welfare systems. If they could get away with abolishing these services, they would do so. So the only alternative they have is to chip away at the foundation hoping it will eventually topple.

They are sending more people into debts and destitutions why they live their affluent live style and have the gall to say they want a country that benefits everyone equally.

Who the hell does this patchwork government think they are fooling. How can the PM says she is building a welfare system that provides a safety net for those who need it, is she dreaming because I cannot believe she thinks those words coming out of her mouth are true.