Slavery happens just like the Holocaust

The fact that educational institutions do not want teachers to talk or so-called rant about slavery, will not make it go away neither the atrocities of the Holocaust.

It is time that society not only accepts that slavery causes death to millions of ‘Black’ people. Slavery may have been, abolished but the mental remnants of what a slave is, remains. The systematical killing of ‘Blacks’ especially young Blacks continued today.

To have a cohesive, fair and equal society we must begin to educate our young people effectively. That means not pushing the atrocities of slavery, its aftermath upon the Black community, under the carpet.

A ‘Black teacher is making a comment regarding the issues facing African Americans, has been taking out of context by the so-called ‘White’ orientated media and blown out of proportion. Nothing she said was lies, and we do not chastise people for telling the truth. What she was saying is facts, and yet instead of embracing the truth, they made it appear as if she was a deranged teacher ranting at her students.

Everyone seems to be able to discuss what Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish people, and that is acceptable, but God forbid we talk about what happened to Black people, and is still occurring it becomes a rant.

In my opinion, there can and, never be equality if sections of our community are not allowed to speak the truth. We cannot only use the tools of democracy when it benefits certain aspects of our society; it is indeed hypocritical.