Is the public aware of the number of innocent people in prison

Of course not, if the general public knew how many innocent people are in prison because prosecutors and the police fail to reveal exculpatory information to defence teams, there would be a national outcry.

According to a media article, 47 rape and severe assault cases were dropped in the first six weeks of 2018, because police or prosecutors failed to disclose evidence. The report further added that of the 47 cases 14 people were kept in prison awaiting trial before their case was, dropped.

Many of the cases collapsed because officers failed to find crucial evidence, text messages which proved an alleged victim lied about her age was kept from the defence. There was information regarding some cases that leave one sick to the stomach; innocent people were sent to prison when both the police and prosecutors withheld vital information.

In my opinion, we are human beings and susceptible to making mistakes. However, when individuals in positions knowingly use their authority to cause innocent people to be, incarcerated, we question the validity of the justice system, and why some people believe they should bend it to justify their archaic beliefs.

We expect police officers to investigate cases fairly with honesty, dignity and above all integrity. Prosecutors to uphold the letter and spirit of the law and prosecute an alleged perpetrator openly and, with integrity. When either the police or prosecutors use our legal framework, in what I believe is criminal, they taint the justice system and makes a mockery out of our legislator’s obligation.

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