Too many individuals uses Grenfell Tower disaster to commit fraud

The Grenfell Tower fire took the lives of over 70 people and left scores more homeless and destitute. On Wednesday 14 June 2017, the country woke up to one of the worst tower block fire disaster. It took over 200 firefighters and 40 fire engine to bring the blaze under control.

But, it is what is happening since the tragedy that is causing so many concerns. There have been more than eight people charged and convicted for fraud. Recently a 31-year old student is the latest in the list of bogus claimants. He has been jailed for 18 months claiming he was a victim of the disaster. Another claimed he lost his father in the fire to gain over £6,000 in emergency money; a 53-year old claimed his wife and son died in the inferno and received over £12,000.

Some human beings are such despicable people when it comes to money they will sell their souls if they can profit from it. They seem to have no conscience, and it does not occur to them that their fraudulent claims prevent genuine claimants receiving the vital help they need.

In my opinion, they should be, sent to prison for at least five years, 18 months is not enough time for them to reflect on their ridiculous and greedy attitude.

We also need to question the authority responsible for meeting the needs of victims. Why was it so easy for fraudsters to dupe them out of so much money, and, why two people who were illegal immigrants manage to rack up over £100,000 in hotel and food bill.

These individuals are a disgrace to the human race; their inhumanity knows no boundary. They used a tragedy to profit, in my eyes they are despicable, disgusting and disgraceful and in a time when we should unite in the face of adversity, people took advantage.