Son shot dead by his 92 year old mother

A 92-year old has been, arrested following the fatal shooting of her 72-year old son. It is unbelievable, the reason she commits this crime.

The media article states that 92-year old hid two pistols on her person, fired one at her son fatally wounded him. Then turned the gun on her son’s girlfriend. However, she managed to wrestle the weapons away from her.

It would appear that she was furious that her son was on the verge of putting her into an assisted living facility, she took exception to that decision, and the result of her anger was the taking of her son’s life.

In my opinion, this proved, that crimes are, committed by all age, race, and creed. But, what kind of justice is there going to be against this senior citizen? She’s 92 years old at the end of her life, and instead of an assisted living home, she will spend her remaining years in prison.

The irony of this sad story is she may not even live long enough to go on trial for first-degree murder. Unfortunately, the authorities have no option but to prosecute her for a heinous crime. Taking her son’s life because he was going to put her in a home, but now she will be going to prison how ironic.