World cup football gripping the English nation

England’s capital London was in football fever following their four three penalty victory over Colombia.

The pubs were jam-packed with fans, watching and drinking the nail-biting game, and Colombia gave them a match.

There is not much that unites the English but, there is plenty of unity to go around Tuesday night following England’s win.

I could not believe how long it took us to get home. Usually from Battersea to Clapham North is a mere six minutes, and that journey took much longer because of the number of people on the streets celebrating a marvellous win for England,

If this is anything to go by, then if England gets into the final and eventually win the World cup there will be a joyous uproar the celebration will go on for months, not days.

Congratulation to England for getting this far and I trust that they will continue to progress to the final.