Terror Marred The Streets Of London

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On Wednesday 22 March 2017 the streets of London was marred by a terror attack, this was not in the style of a bomb, but an individual using a motor vehicle to mow down the unsuspecting member of the public.

According to the media, a man was killed by police officer after he used a motor vehicle to kill five people and injure 40, one of the people that were kill was a police officer with 15 years on the force.  Apparently, the individual was seen wielding a knife after he exits the car he was using to plough into civilians. 

As London began to mourn the deaths of these innocent people we realise that irrespective of what precautions that we may take to deter terrorist one of the things we cannot do is to legislate against people’s beliefs.  The people that undertake these kinds of terror activities are no longer part of the human race, they do not have any morals or regard for the sanctity of life.

The event that unfolds on Westminster bridge was also a reminder that we will not allow the terrorist to drag us down to their level.  Irrespective of the fact that he killed 5 people and wounded 40, paramedics was seen desperately trying to say his life after the atrocities he inflicts on others they still tried to save his miserable life. That act of humanity put us above these idiots that believe they can use violence to bring us to our knees. 

They need to understand that violence is never the answer and regardless of our differences, they must be negotiations to resolve them, not violence.  History has shown us that violence is never the answer to problems, all violence does is creates more of the same.