Stabbings in the United Kingdom has become an epidemic

There is no doubt that stabbings within the United Kingdom have become an epidemic. The government as an obligation to deter individuals who are going around committing heinous knife crimes.

A 31-year old female from Battersea who appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ was stabbed to death. Media reported that a 40-year old man had been, arrested on suspicion of murder. This victim has become the 90th murder investigation that the Metropolitan police are dealing with this year.

In another display of knife related crimes, police were filmed trying to save the life of a young man who was, stabbed.

According to the media report, witnesses suggested seeing a group of 30 teenagers involved in a mass knife fight on a Camberwell Estate, in South London. Two of the four kids ages 15 and 16 suffered injuries to their torso and one to the arm the other injured in the leg.

In my opinion, the prison time for people involved with knife crimes is far too lenient. They should go to prison for life if you carry or use a knife once you are convicted it should be straight life without the possibility of parole, period.

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