The friend who found Whitney’s daughter lifeless body has died

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There is no wonder that as a society we tend to believe in conspiracy especially when one looks at certain deaths.

According to a media report, the family friend that found Whitney’s daughter lifeless body in a bathtub has died from a suspected drug overdose.

First, Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverley Hilton hotel room bathtub 11 February 2012. Then her daughter lifeless body was found in a bathtub she died on the 26 July 2015.

Is this a coincidence that the close friend who found Withney’s daughter lifeless body has himself being located in a bathroom unresponsive, he died later in hospital.

The lost of such young lives seems to be because of drugs and one as to ask the question why would anyone want to destroy their life by taking drugs. Is there something sinister going on and drugs are being used to cover up the real reason these people died.

In my opinion, there may be something sinister happening but, in the absence of proof, all we have is inuendoes and speculations. It is, however, sad that we lose these lives but, if there is something in the darkness then eventually it will emerge in light one of these days.