US police officer shot and killed a disabled, deaf man

What the hell is happening with US police officers? It would appear that their policy is to shoot first and ask or answer questions later. This shoot first, in my opinion, is becoming an unacceptable police behaviour by US police officers, and the US government needs to do something urgent about it.

As reported in the media following a police investigation into a hit and run near a deaf man home in Oklahoma City, police shot and killed a deaf man even though neighbours were shouting out that ‘he can’t hear you’ he was taser by one of the officers, shot by another.

Here we have a 35-year-old man with no criminal record killed because he could not hear what the police was saying, and their excuse for killing him he was holding a stick. How the hell a stick equates to a gun.

In my opinion, this is disgraceful and demonstrate the attitude of some US police officers, and if they are not, punished justice is blind, when it comes to police murdering innocent people.

It is a clear case of heavy police handiness and why in the UK we do not want our police carrying firearms. I am disgusted and sicken by this latest police officer shooting of a disable and vulnerable man.