Teenager systematically Torture Girlfriend

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A 16-year-old boy systematically tortured girlfriend in the most horrendous manner subjecting her to what is know has ‘waterboarding’ Domestic Violencecovering her face with a cloth and pouring water over her face and mouth.

The victim was forced to stand naked in the street, taken to hospital she was found to have swelling, cut lip, broken tooth, friction burn to her chin, bruising to her ears and burn mark on her belly.  

The most horrific things that anyone could do to another human being and consider that he is only 16-year old and have the capability to undertake such appalling behaviour what will happen when he gets older. 

For his defence to say that he saw so much violence as a child and that breed the way in which he treated this young lady – poppycock.  The fact that he allegedly traumatised by violence should make him understand what it does to another person.  To perpetuate that kind of horrible violence against someone who could not defend themselves is unforgivable.

He was sentenced to two years detention and training order, but I agree with the judge when he said that he should have left the court with a six to seven-year sentence.  It grieves me when individuals especially one so young have the capability of undertaking these kinds of inhumane behaviour.

I hope that the two years detention will be time enough for him to learn diabolic behaviour will not be tolerated in society, and our community takes a dim view of people who’s attitude is so revolting.