Terror Threat Level Raised in UK – Severe

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According to media report the current threat level in the UK is severe, which mean that there is an expectation that a terror attack could World at War.occur. The threat level is the second highest.

Does this mean that we should be very concern, of course following the recent terror attack in Germany and France there is no doubt that the UK government would be very concerned that it citizens could be harmed?

How can the government protect us from these people who are hell-bent and causing chaos and mayhem?  According to media, the UK has a security system called T-PIM- Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures.  Apparently, this is security tools that are used to restrict the activities of individuals suspect of potential terrorist acts.

Although there is a belief that there are roughly over 1,900 people with an extremist view in the UK, there is only one person that is the subject of an anti-terror order.

The problem that I ham having with this if there is close to two thousand people that we possible should be concern about, who is monitoring them, do they know where they are, what measures are in place to stop them should they decide to start terror activities in the UK.