Integrity and Dignity Should Govern Politics

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The reason I believe that sections of our community do not trust politicians, in my opinion there doesn’t seem to be any dignity or integrity insincere politician cartoonshown by some political figures.

A politician should campaign on what they can offer the nations, their party’s manifesto, even if some of the electorates do not agree with the political convictions.  I cannot abide politician that plays unfair and try to win over the voters using dirty and vicious tricks.  It demeans the politician and turns what is suppose to be a conventional democratic process in a gutter trash.

I do not believe Presidential nominee Donald Trump is an excellent choice to be elected as President of the United States; I think that in the last few days he has demonstrated, in my opinion, that he does not have what it takes to be the Leader of one of the biggest democracy on this planet.

Why would you tell a foreign country that they would be rewarded by the press if they could find the so-called 30,000 e-mails?  To encourage what amount to a security breach in your country by another says it all.  

I would agree with the individuals that suggest that this is not about politics it is about the safety of the country and for a Presidential hopeful to be, blatantly frivolous with the security of the nation  – unbelievable.