What the heck is wrong with Thomas Markle

The Markle family needs to shut their mouth, and the media should stop encouraging their crap. For crying out loud, they are becoming a nuisance not just to Meghan but the general public.

Every time you turn around it is either Meghan’s half-sister or her father opening their mouth and making idiotic comments about the Royal family.

Their behaviour highlights the difference between Meghan’s mother and her father side of the family. Dora held herself with dignity, respect and integrity from the day her daughter became involved with the Royals and throughout the wedding and she continues in the same disciplined manner.

The idiotic father has been popping up in the media and makes ridiculous and outrageous remarks comparing the Royal family to Scientologist. If his daughter chose not to have him in her life that his her decision and judging from his behaviour it is a good thing for her to do.

In my opinion, Thomas Markle needs to get on with his own life, what’s left of it anyway and let Meghan live her life in peace without having to read about so-called relatives in the media casting aspersions on her husband’s family.