The important of ‘Fasting’ and why we should do it


Fasting is an essential part of the Christian faith. Prayer and fasting are, defined as going without food to focus on worship and fellowship with God. However, fasting should have a limitation, for me that is one day per week from sunrise to sunset.

Although one can fast without prayer and pray without fasting, when combined the effectiveness is impressive. The old Testament requires prayer and fasting as a method of atonement. So what does the Bible says about prayer and fasting? Exodus 34 told us that Moses was with the Lord for 40 days and nights without eating or drinking and he wrote on a tablet the words of the covenant, namely the ten commandments.

Joel chapter 2 verse 12 tells us that the Lord declares us to return to him with all your heart, with fasting, weeping and mourning. Fasting is also a way to clean ourselves, remove the shackles that bind us. Coming to grips with the fact that we can achieve all we need and still praise and worship the living God.

Fasting is also a testament of our trust and faith in God, in that we can make a request to the Almighty and use fasting as a way of demonstrating our commitment to our Father. We are showing him that we are willing and able to go the long and hard road to receive his blessing and his glory.

Heavenly Father, we ask that you will bless us all those who are fasting this moment and calling upon you to fulfil their needs, mighty God the power is in your hand we pray that you will keep the adversary away and protect your people, in Jesus name Amen.