Two men avoided custodial sentence for having sex with 14 year old

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According to a media report, two men ages 26-year-old, that was found guilty of having sex with underage girls were given 15-month suspended sentence.

Following the outrage of one mother, the Attorney General is to review the unduly lenient sentence.

Having read the article in its entirety, I am also outraged that a judge could believe that 14-year-old girls are capable of consenting to sex. Given that the age of maturity is 18, why would a member of the judicial system deem it appropriate that these girls gave their consent to two 26-year old men having sex with them?

A custodial sentence was inevitable after they were found guilty, and given that the men piled the girls with alcohol and amphetamines before engaging in sexual activities. For a judge to grant a suspended sentence to these two is in my opinion, saying it is ok to abuse 14-year-old children sexually.

In my opinion, this Judge should be, removed from the bench. The message he has sent out with this sentence is scary and frightening to people with teenage children. Also, the implications of this lack of custodial sentence suggest that one can get away with a despicable crime if you happen to find the right Judge.