Terrorism will never break people’s will


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Group of happy cartoon characterFollowing the terror attack on Nice and the subsequent dead of over 80 people, there is one thing that terrorist can be sure about is they can never win whatever they believe is so important to them that they have to destroy lives.

Terrorist organisations need to understand one important fact about government and politicians they will never negotiate with them, and the only thing that terrorist accomplishes with their old acts is to put more pressures on people to accept intervention in our lives to protect us from them. 

Considering all the terror acts that have been perpetrated on innocent people, over many years what have terrorist achieved?  Nothing they have not changed anything except we are now more vigilant about what they are.  Every time that they commit atrocities against any country and its people it makes the rest of the world come that close together in fighting to defeat everything about them and their warp ideology. 

I am furious who gave these idiots the right to take other life as if it does not mean anything, what rights have they got to go around terrorising innocent people.  The rage I feel inside could consume me if I let and that would make these terrorist wins.  I pity these people they must be very lost soles seeking to find something and they believe the taking of life is the only way that they can find it.

We had to live with the devastation of 9/11and the aftermath, as with the 7/7 atrocity that was perpetrated on the people of the United Kingdom and we continue to be strong, so if the terrorist believes that the people of Nice are going to bow then they are sadly mistaken.