They die young and old; death does not discriminate

The majority of music fans will mourn the death of 20-year old Afrobeat and dancehall performer Ebony Reigns.  Apparently, she along with two friends die when the car she was driving collided with a bus in South Western Ghana.

We will also be saying goodbye to Fraiser Star John Mahoney; the British born star passed away aged 77. Former lead singer of the Temptations, 74-year old Dennis Edwards and, lastly Paul Young’s wife Stacey age 52.

As their families and communities say their goodbyes we will look back at the legacy they left behind, and most of us will honour their names, memories and their enormous contribution to our society.

In particular, although every death is regrettable, the family and community of Ebony Reigns will be devasted because of her age. At a mere 20-year old she had so much more to offer to the music industry. Unfortunately, we will never know how extensive that contribution would be; death has robbed us of a young life.

I offer my condolences to all the families of those who passed away today. Hoping they will rest in peace, knowing that even if they die young or old, their contribution to our society will be with us forever. Their candle will extinguish long before their legendary contribution does.

Goodbye Ebony Reigns 20, John Mahoney 77, Dennis Edwards 74 and Paul Young’s wife Stacey 52.