Trump blaming the FBI for not doing enough to stop Florida shooter

Of course, he would. The worst politicians there is, in my opinion, are those who are not willing to accept responsibility. They find others or situation to blame for their ineffectiveness.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the minute it emerges that the FBI was tipped off about the Florida shooter potential to harm, Donald Trump would jump on the blame bandwagon.

The FBI may have some liability but, so does Donald Trump. In which case I have to agree with the student who made the derogatory comment about the President. Also adding that ‘she did not want Trump’s condolences, and prayers won’t fix this. But gun control will prevent it happening again’.

A sentiment that a significant number of people agrees with, but when you lie down with the Devil, you have to play with his fiddle. According to media reports, Trump received a lot of financial support from the National Rifle Association. Therefore, he has no incentive to put in place adequate gun control protocols.

Effective gun controls would cut into the profit margin of the companies peddling guns. The lives of innocent school children and teachers or the hundreds that die at the hands of mass shooters mean nothing so long as it does not affect the profits.

In my opinion, we are dealing with disgraceful, inhumane and diabolic poor excuses for humans. So long as the gun barons make their huge profits in selling guns, and they do not have to bury their loved ones from a mass shooting, they do not care.

The establishment and gun barons will continue to resist any protocols that keep guns out of the hands of individuals like the 19-year old Florida shooter, Las Vegas, Orlando nightclub, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter. Those five incidents took the lives of 187 innocent people.