Senior Citizens demonstrating they are no walk over

Firstly, a 74-year old woman fought off her 72-year old attacker by grabbing his testicles.

According to a media article, the 74- year old spring into action when the man allegedly tried to suffocate her with a plastic bag. She reportedly told TV news that ‘I reached for his gonads and just squeeze.

Secondly, an 88-year old ex-military veteran jumped to the aid of a woman when he spotted a group grabbing at the woman’s handbag. After shouting at them to leave her alone, the group turned on him. He landed a blow to the neck of one of the attacker and tried to disarm the other, who had a knife. He suffered a few cuts and bruises but survive the attack.

Today’s criminal has no respect for the elderly, there is no longer any respect for a senior citizen, and the low-life will harm them without thinking twice.

This ex-soldier fought for his country so that these stupid individuals can attack him without reservation. In my opinion, those individuals are the scum of the earth, no respect, no integrity and they most likely would have killed this octogenarian if he was unable to defend himself.