Twelve Camels banned from beauty contest for using ‘Botox’


I imagine my readers are reading this headline and laughing themselves silly; this cannot be true you are saying.

However, it is true the annual camel festival in Saudi Arabia has been tarnished, according to a media report, by attempts to violate the strict rules.

Apparently, this is a very, serious competition with a total of $57 million up for grabs, Miss camel gets $30 million, which is tempting for an individual to cheat.

The rules that were, published in last years handbook states that camels which are, found with drugs on their lips, shaved, dyed in any parts of their bodies are not allowed.

Therefore, 12 camels found with botox have been, banned from the competition. They say you live and learn and this is news to me, never heard of Camel beauty contest before.

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