Two United Airlines Pilots Arrested for being Drunk

My Opinion

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I know that four pilots, being arrested for being drunk in some people’s eyes may seem small but as far as I am concern that is four too pilotmany.  It was just over a month, yet again in Scotland, two drunk Canadian Airlines pilots were arrested.

I can only assume that Scotland authorities are definitely on the ball when it comes to ensuring that individuals, charged with the maintenance of other people safety do not do so intoxicated.

When we board an airplane as a passenger, we expect that the crew of that service have all their faculty about them and are prepared in case of an emergency and being drunk is not the way in which to maintain alertness.

Why would pilots who are carrying passengers across the Atlantic go out and get themselves drunk believing that other crew members or alert passengers would not notice their behavior?

I know that as human beings we are fallible, and sometimes we do stupid things but, when you are in any industry that people’s life depend on the decisions that you make, you do not have the luxury of making idiotic mistakes.

They have ruined their career, their names, credibility and will end up with a criminal record all because they could not understand that their positions preclude them from operating an airplane in a drunken stupor.