UK along with other EU leader condemns Donald Trump

It is in the interest of all of us that Iran does not acquire nuclear bombs. In doing so, the rest of the world has to put in place particular protocol.

According to a media report, EU leaders are annoyed with Donald Trump’s refusal to back the Iran nuclear deal. The US President plans to introduce sanctions against Iran is counterproductive, given that it has taken 13 years of diplomacy to get this deal.

Somehow Donald Trump is under the illusion that the US can stand alone against all the other powers of the world, and in doing so he his jeopardising the planet in ways that he will not be around to see the aftermath of his idiotic decision.

For peace and stability to exists on planet Earth we need every country to work together, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural differences, democratic or communist.

When any leader puts obstacles in the way of that agreement, they are in my opinion, against humanity.

If Iran insists on building a nuclear bomb, the US cannot do anything about it except for declaring war on the Iranian people and Iran is not a walkover like Iraq or Afghanistan.

The US President is saying that he’s announcing a strategy that will confront the Iranians and they will never acquire nuclear weapons is an idiotic talk from an individual that has no idea what he his yapping about and need to think before he speaks.