UK Churches is not the only vulnerable

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Uk churches are on alert because of the murder of the French Priest, the possibility that religious building and people could be targets.  This christ redeemercomes as reports that London is on the list for terrorist activities.

There is one thing that terrorist and those that cause havoc need to understand you may be able to hurt and harm many people with your bombs, guns and suicide killings.  But what you cannot and will not allow doing is breaking the spirit of individuals around the world.

Killing a priest in a church is a deplorable act, and we expect no better from individuals that have no regard for their life much more the lives of innocent people.  But the pipe dream that they hope to achieve will never happen.

Every time that you murder innocent people, there are organisations around the world that will hunt them down and deal with them through the law.  That is what set us apart from terrorist the respect for the sanctity of human life and the believe that ever one irrespective of who they deserve fair treatment.