UK heatwave claimed the lives of 650 people

Most people love the sunshine, and we are happy when the warm weather comes around. But a heatwave can be very dangerous to our health.

According to media reports, over 650 people have died in the United Kingdom heatwave, and there is not an end in sight for the abnormal weather we are experiencing in the UK.

The Office for National Statistics states that between June and July the number of death 663 were higher than the same period for the past five years.

It is very unusual weather that is currently occurring in the UK, and because we are not used to this sweltering weather, of course, it is going to cause havoc and mayhem with our bodies. From the number of recorded deaths, the weather is reeking chaos on the citizen the full reality of this severe hot weather is beginning to be the awake up call for us all.

The medical professional is concerned that senior citizens with kidney and heart disease are vulnerable to this type of weather conditions.

We can only take precautions and care as the temperature rises to 31C which is way above the average for this time of the year.