Secret Cabinet Ministers plot to overthrow Theresa May

Margaret Thatcher a force

The adage ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ is usually genuine and when it comes to the Conservative party leadership and ousting Prime Minister, it is not smoke but a raging inferno.

According to a media report, a large chunk of the cabinet is secretly plotting to overthrow the Prime Minister and take her place. The paper alleges that four senior ministers since the disastrous election results have been making plans to replace the PM.

Apparently, one media source is on the verge of serialising a new book, called fallout. A year of political mayhem, that details how the so-called political heavyweights planned to take Mrs May’s parliamentary seat.

I have maintained the stance that the conservative party is in my opinion, very unforgiving. When their leader is riding high in the polls, they fall over backwards with their support, but one mistake and leaders better watch their backs.

Unfortunately, Theresa May will most likely end up the same as Magaret Thatcher, John Major and Iain Duncan-Smith. Mrs May made one of the most unforgivable blunders in political history. She called for a general election, and it turned out to be a disaster, and for that, the price could be her job and leadership of the Conservative party.

In my opinion, 90% of the British public already knows that Mrs May will most likely not be leader or PM for the next general election. We are fully aware of how the Conservative party act in times of what they see as losing their parliamentary seat, or power base because their leader makes a mistake.

Mrs May signed her death warrant when she went from a Prime Minister with an overall majority, to one that needed a minor party to prop up her government.