Fascists attack bookmark Bloomsbury Central London

Here we go again; these anti-social bigots believe they are going to intimidate decent hard working people with their brand of fascism.

The media reported that before closing time on Saturday around a dozen mask-wearing fascists target bookmark in Central London. They tried to intimidate both staff and customers, the police were, called but no arrest was, made.

Fascists and so-called right-wing groups are nothing more than cowards and idiots. In my opinion, if you are proud of what you are doing there is no need to obscure your identity. That was the typical example of the Ku Klux Klan. They carried out their atrocities hiding their identity, and that is because they were ashamed of the inhumanity they displayed to another human being.

It does not take a great mind to recognise that those individuals are brainwashed fools who could not make an intelligent decision by themselves. They were just lambs to the slaughter led by individuals that are cowards, staying in the shadows and inciting idiots to do their dirty work.

Freedom of speech is the right of everyone even if they are despicable individuals. However, no one should be allowed to intimidate or resort to violence against others to preach their intolerance and hatred.

These bigoted groups have to understand that although society will tolerate your crap and the way of life you wish to see, we are never going to let you intimidate, harm, harass and perpetrate violence against anyone, this is not the dark ages.