Top Solicitor left mother to die in a pool of filth

According to a media article, a top Solicitor who specialises in the abuse of seniors left her mother to die in a pool of diarrhoea.

Apparently, the Solicitor from Blackwater way, Didcot was found guilty of willful neglect and sent to prison for two years and six months.

Unbelievable, a daughter could treat her mother so disrespectfully. It was a privilege for me to care for my parents when they became incapable of taking care of themselves. Nothing could make me treat them, in fact, I would never treat any senior citizen with anything less than stellar care, and one should go further when it is your parents.

I am not naive to believe all parents are caring, loving and nurturing individuals to their children. Nevertheless, we should strive to treat our parents with unconditional love and respect, and those parents that we believe are not worthy of that then we leave them in a humane condition.

In my opinion, this case makes me sick because of the individual involved. She chose a profession and specialised in bringing to justice those who abuse senior citizens and yet she did the very same thing that she swears to uphold. To ignore her oath and treat her mother so ghastly she should have been incarcerated for a minimum of ten years, that I believe would have been justice.