UK – Police Seized Zombie Style Knives

Metropolitan police officers have seized so-called ‘zombie knives.’ in Islington.  These knives have been banned, under new legislation whichknives set came into force on the eighteen August. 

Anyone found in possession or those caught selling these knives can go to prison for up to four years. 

Apparently, a man was arrested, on suspicion of being in possession of the banned knife.  There is no doubt that the public will be pleased that the police are finding these individuals with these deadly knives and taking them off the streets.

Over the last couple of months, too many young people have lost their lives due to a stabbing, and it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that knife crimes could become an epidemic in the UK, in particular, in London. 

Parents with teenage sons petrified of allowing their children to go out because of the fear of them becoming a victim of a stabbing. It seems any dispute that young people have in particular boys a knife appears to come into play. 

The public will wholeheartedly, support the police on this issue each time they confiscate these weapons the likelihood that a teenager life, might be saved, and that can only be good for our community.