US isolated as UN vote to defy recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital

Democracy works when like-minded people come together to oppose oppression, oppressive regimes and individuals that think they have a right to destroy other people’s way of life.

Despite Trump’s threat to withdraw financial aid from countries that vote against his unilateral decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel capital, more than 100 countries have defied him and demonstrate that his threats are meaningless, stupid and idiotic.

Trying to blackmail sovereign nation is disgraceful, and Donald Trump should understand that the US is no longer the greatest nation on Earth, and he has a lot to do with the mockery that the US has become on the world’s stage.

The United Nation’s vote demonstrates that under, in my opinion, Trump’s leadership the US is out of touch with reality, dignity and integrity.

When you are the leader of one of the biggest democracy, you must efficiently lead, and that means peace and world stability should be the cornerstone of all your policies. Your job is not only to protect your citizens, but you cannot do anything that creates chaos and mayhem that is what a dictator does.

I hope the UN vote will give the US President something to think about, and for him to recognise that we all rely on each other to function efficiently, and his unnecessary unilateral stupidity will not enhance peace but creates turmoil and destruction.