Ten moped robbers jailed for a total of 110 years

Ten moped robbers who terrorise phone shops across London with their snatch and grab criminal activities have been, jailed for a total of 110 years.

According to a media report, the men ages from 19 to 24, over a seven month period, they broke into phone shops using a variety of tools such as hammers and battering ram, netting over £1 million worth of goods.

Apparently, the raids were over in minutes, and they made their getaway on a moped. The precision they used in their crime, the Judge at their trial commented that they might be young in, age but old in their criminal activities.

We have to applaud the police for identifying, arresting and charging these individuals, and the courts for ensuring the time fits the crime. The police state that these individuals did a series of 17 serious offences, where no one was allowed to stand in their way. They beat three security guard and threaten a witness with a firearm.

In my opinion Londoners, especially mobile phone shops will breathe a sigh of relief that these ten individuals are behind bars and will be there for a considerable amount of time.