Woman boycott supermarket, because the staff are too friendly

Are you kidding me? In a world where so many people treat others with hatred, disrespect, bullying and far too many cruel ways to mention, we find an individual who resent people being friendly.

Unbelievable, but according to a media article, a woman boycotts one of the UK leading supermarkets because she found the staff too friendly because they call her darling, sweetheart and babe which she found offensive and patronising.

Finding a helpful and pleasant staff in any supermarket is something we expect, so what could have rattled this lady’s chain so much so that she resented being, called sweetheart or darling.

There has to be more to this story than meet the eye. In my opinion, I cannot understand why anyone could be against others being nice.

Well, I have seen it and heard it all, and this one takes the bacon.