Usain Bolt – Pretty Face A Man’s Weakness

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I supposed that everyone in the world knows that there are pictures of Usain Bolt in bed with a 20-year-old Brazilian student and for me, it iscartoon, man a disappointment, and I can imagine many Jamaican is going to feel that way.

We know that celebrating his 30 birthday, making history at the Olympics he has every right to celebrate those events, but he could have been a tad discreet and go out with someone who did not want to see pictures of them spread all over the papers.

For that woman to say that she was not trying to be famous when she took the picture of both of them in bed and WhatsApp it to her friends, poppycock.  In my opinion, she knew what she was doing.  If you want something to remain private, firstly you do not make a recording of the event, you do not have photographic evidence.  There is only one reason to collect that type of proof you need to use them. 

Do not play innocent because the majority of people will not believe a word of that woman, ‘I’m dying of shame’ bull, it does not make me think she is genuine.  Individuals who want their relations or one night stand to remain a secret do not send the information to -so-called friends.

For me, Usain Bolt was the epiphany of decency and integrity, and he has destroyed that in one crazy night. He has confirmed, the stereotypical behaviour attributed to Jamaican men, ‘they cannot keep it in their pants.’  I am so angry, and it now occurs to me that whenever you put any human being on a pedestal, they will always disappoint you.