How many more lives must we lose to knife crimes?

My Opinion

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There is hardly a day that goes by in the UK when life is not, lost to a stabbing, and there seems to be an escalation of the problem, it now happens all over the country.

How many more young lives have to be, taken before the government do something constructive about those that carry and use a knife.

Knife crimes in the United Kingdom are destroying families all over. There may be more frequent in the capital but it is happening in other parts of the latest is a 21-year old man stabbed to death in Manchester.

In this incident, four people have been arrested, according to the media report, they are between the ages of 21, 24, two 19-year old. Apparently, a nightclub brawl occurs which spills into the street where the 21-year old was stabbed in the neck and died from his injuries. Several other people were, taken o hospital.

I cannot understand why one would be going to a club for entertainment and carry a knife. If you take a weapon, then you intend to use it.

Quite frankly, I am disgusted with this government and the criminal justice system. The idiotic sentence that knife murderer is receiving for killing is ridiculous and does not act as a deterrent for those carrying knives.

The country is sick and tired of these knife crimes, and we need a government and criminal justice that provide harsh sentence. If these individuals were stealing or committing fraud, these sentence would be much longer, but it appears that killing another human being is not so important.