Utah Police officers unacceptable behaviour

Unbelievable is what I believe is the actions of this Utah police officer, and if there is a case of a police officer being stupid and heavy handed this is such an incident.

According to media report including video footage, a nurse was forcibly arrested for refusing to take blood from an unconscious patient.

The video footage showed the police office shouting, we’re done, we’re done, you are under arrest, the nurse is heard screaming, please help me. These officers had no warrant that would enable the nurse to draw the patient’s blood, yet they unlawfully, in my opinion, arrested the nurse who was later released without charge.

In my opinion, individuals like those have no rights being police officers, the bullish and heavy handedness, in this particular circumstance was unnecessary. Police officers must know how to conduct themselves when dealing with the public.

The video footage clearly showed their contempt for proper procedures, that Salt Lake police Chief stated that he was alarmed, and the Mayor said that the incident was completely unacceptable. Therefore, following the investigation, I hope those officers are removed from the service.

See further information at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41134797