Metropolitan Police payout over child abused claims


It has been, stated in the media that the Metropolitan police payout, two Lords, one of who has died and the other retired, compensation over false allegations of child abuse that was, made against them.

Unfortunately, sometimes these are the problems organisations and individuals face, if an allegation of abuse is, reported to the authority they must thoroughly investigate, irrespective of who the claims are made against.

It is unfortunate that there are people willing to make false allegations and ruin others lives, integrity, just so they can have their fifteen minutes of fame.

The police service needs to understand that although they have a responsibility to investigate all complaints, it is the manner in which they sometimes investigate, that is called into question. According to a media report, a Judge criticised Operation Midlands for inaccuracies in search warrants that were used to search the homes of the individuals that was accused.

When we have headlines, such as ‘Met Police Payout over abuse claims’, it dampened our faith in our police services, we wondered how they could get it so wrong. False allegations ruin people’s reputation, so before we rush to arrest and search people’s home lets be sure there is a case to answer.