When Politician Plays God A Nation Suffers

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In a democracy, the electorate is the ones that decide which political party they wish to govern their lives for at least five years.  In the UK we Religion, Godhave three sides, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Conservative is about capitalism they tend to believe they should not play a significant role in regulating businesses. I believe they are also about themselves rather than the electorate.  So there is a tendency to avoid anything or policy that is in the interest of the people.

Labour primarily about socialism, believe that we should be equal, and the wealth of the planet should be shared equally by everyone, and those that have a lot should pay more for those who doesn’t.

Liberal Democrats, quite frankly I do not know where they stand they are like a cross between conservative and labour.

The point that I am trying to make is when politicians play God everyone suffers but the poorest and vulnerable within the society feels it the most.  How can we live in one the G7 country and it costs us £1,200 per year for poverty?  According to the news report £29 billion on the NHS, of course, it would be because of the health treatment issues associated with poverty.

I am disappointed with the government, every time I look around they are making life harder for the very poor in society, changes in housing, bedroom tax, social security, you name it and they have played God with our lives so much that the effects are only too visible.

It is important that the electorate knows what government they wish to control their life for five years and then lesser of two evil is alway the best choice.  So my choice would be elect the party that believes in equally for all not just some because at least the policies will not be as draconian as the ones under capitalism.